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David Butts exclusively represents men, husbands, fathers and partners, in divorce, custody, property and alimony and support cases. In MS, there are 12 grounds for divorce but the most common are habitual cruel and inhuman treatment, adultery, desertion and irreconcilable differences (no fault). Over the years David Butts has seen a need for for men to be properly represented and their rights respected in these domestic cases. It is not always the case that the wife gets custody of the children, possession of the home and support and alimony. Under the law, men have an equal right to custody of their children, which is an issue to be decided by the Court. Child custody is determined by a number of factors, which are set out in the case of Albright v. Albright, which can be found online. Division of property and the consideration of an award of the various types of alimony can be found in Ferguson v. Ferguson, also  online. Whether a wife or husband is entitled to a divorce in the first place is a major issue in any divorce, custody and property case. David Butts has navigated all these complex issues in the cases he has handled and in every case that went to court in which he represented the husband and/or father, the wife was either denied a divorce, the husband granted one, and the father got custody of the children. 

In accident cases (injury in a car or automobile wreck) with another vehicle such as an 18 wheeler, many times the first thing that happens is that the injured person or their family are approached by a person "recommending" a certain lawyer. This is unethical and illegal. Such a person and the lawyer do not have the injured person's or their family's interests at heart, but their own. Much the same can be said of lawyers that advertise extensively, particularly those that claim to be a "local" lawyer, when they're not. You would be wise not to sign a contract until you have checked out lawyers with extensive experience in personal injury. Often the first contact is made by a representative of the insurance company for the person or business at fault. They will want a recorded statement of what happened and pry into your medical history. My advice--don't do it until you have hired an attorney. Injury cases can often be very complicated in determining who was at fault and in fully developing the facts about the injury (or death). Many times accident reconstructionist experts are needed, as well as expert testimony from the treating physicians.