About David Butts

Experienced Legal Counsel

Over 40 years legal experience. 

Hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Extensive family law experience representing husbands, fathers and partners in divorce, custody, property and alimony. 

David Butts has been in practice over 40 years. He has successfully handled many injury cases: car wrecks, uninsured motorist cases, 18 wheeler crashes, construction injuries and accidents, firearm injuries, and wrongful death cases resulting from all types of negligence. His representation of injured clients and their families has resulted in millions of dollars being collected by settlement and trial. 

Mr. Butts has handled numerous divorce cases for husbands, fathers, and partners over divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and property disputes and settlements. 

His personal injury practice includes some of the largest collected verdicts in several MS counties and he has collected or settled injury cases amounting to $millions over the years.

David Butts exclusively represents men--husbands and fathers--in divorce, custody and property/alimony cases. He has successfully obtained custody of children for the men he has represented in litigated divorce and custody cases.

 He has extensive experience in litigated estate cases and acts as counsel for executors/administrators in probate of estates for the families of deceased loved ones and for the heirs of the deceased. 

David Butts has practiced in courts all over the State of Mississippi