Maintain A Relationship With Your Child

Child custody fights can be an uphill battle for fathers, even today. Courts now generally recognize the principle that children should maintain a steady relationship with both parents unless there is a strong reason not to, such as the threat of abuse. But that doesn't mean that fathers automatically get the custody plan they want. To maximize your chances of getting the legal outcome you desire, it's best to work with an experienced lawyer.

At David Butts Law Firm, we offer family law services with a focus on men's needs. We are eager to work with anyone in the Tupelo community or in divorce actions throughout Mississippi, but our family law experience centers primarily on male clients. If you are facing divorce and a potential custody battle, we will be your advocates. We have a deep respect for a father's right to be present in his son or daughter's life.

Create A Custody Arrangement That Meets Your Needs And Your Child's

It's important to keep in mind that the top priority in any child custody negotiation is to create a custody agreement that helps your children enjoy a happy and healthy childhood. That said, divorced parents may not agree on what that arrangement should look like.

Our firm will help you identify your legal goals and then work to achieve them. Whether you are seeking to obtain custody or maximize your time with your children, we will stand up for your interests in the family court system.

Similarly, we can also help with child support arrangements. Fathers are sometimes asked to pay an unfair child support burden, which can be especially painful when they also have less time with their children than they would like. We can help you establish a support plan that reflects your interests.

You And Your Children Deserve Advice From An Experienced Attorney

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