Family Law Services Tailored To Men's Needs

Family law statutes apply to everyone equally in theory, but in practice, family law judgments can often affect men and women differently. Intentionally or not, a family law judgment may reflect traditional gender roles and sexist stereotypes that make it hard to see the facts of the case clearly.

At David Butts Law Firm, we proudly serve anyone who needs legal counsel, but in our family law practice, we have historically focused on male clients. We understand men's unique perspective in family law cases, and we are committed to helping you navigate the legal system with confidence to achieve the outcome you desire.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney For Men

All families change over time; some of those changes are welcome, while others can be quite painful. If you are facing divorce, for instance, this can trigger great stress and fear. You may worry that your shared property will be divided unfairly, leaving you in a weak financial position.

The greatest challenge men often face in a divorce is establishing equitable child custody and child support plans. While courts do generally try to help children maintain contact with both parents whenever possible, there is still a good chance — even in the 21st century — that a court will overlook the principle of fathers' rights and grant you less time with your child than you would like.

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