Settle Estate Disputes Through Litigation

It's hard enough to lose a loved one; it's even harder when that loss triggers a dispute over the assets that person has left behind. When a will is unclear or unenforceable, it can pit family members against one another while these parties are also mourning. The timing is unfortunate, but it doesn't mean you should not stand up for your legal rights.

David Butts Law Firm does not do estate planning — we don't prepare wills, trusts or other similar documents. Our role in estate law is to interpret those documents when they are unclear and to advocate for your interests in court and in settlement negotiations. We will work hard to ensure that your loved one's assets pass onto the proper recipients.

We Will Help You Navigate The Legal System

Estate litigation is complex and requires a skilled and experienced attorney.

Our firm will help you officially answer important questions in your estate matter, including:

  1. Was the testator competent to make a will?
  2. Was the testator unduly influenced by someone in a confidential relationship with the testator?
  3. Are all the assets of the testator accounted for or have they been misappropriated?
  4. Is the will valid under Mississippi law?

These and many other questions test the competence, learning and knowledge of a skilled and competent estate litigation attorney. David Butts has tried the cases and knows the law. He has the skills and the experience to guide you through the emotional and often grueling circumstances of these cases.

Trust. Confidence. Experience.

To learn more about how David Butts Law Firm can help in your case, stop by our Tupelo office and speak with a lawyer. Call 662-269-5451 or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation.